Challenged Hope

Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

Canada Cares Caregiver Support

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Saw this in the Hamilton (ON) Mountain News:

… Toll-free line offers help for those who take care of family members…

“A unique hotline and website are now available to help family caregivers cope and find the resources they need to take care of their loved ones. Anyone in need of caregiving support can call the toll-free Canada Cares Caregiver support line for advice and direction at 1-855-619-5021, and access a list of local home and residential care services at Canada Cares is a not-for-profit program that involves a virtual community, grassroots events and caregiver coaching program.”


Author: whereasi

I am a Grandmother raising Grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Please read of our family struggles and challenges with this mental disorder at My memoirs: Two Decades Of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years, are available from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other fine ebook distributors. I have also written fiction, including a six-book English seaside series, titled, Under the Shanklin sky. I am now embarking on a new adventure creating children's picture books. For all info, see my author blog at

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