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Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

Art Waves, Barbara Studham, 18 Feb., 2018

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Speaking about FASD on Hamilton’s Art Waves Radio Show

My interview on Mohawk College Radio Show, Art Waves!

101.5 FM.

Google 1015 The Hawk to listen in real time on Sundays from 7-8 pm!

Art Waves, Barbara Studham, 18 Feb., 2018

Barbara Studham, Speaking on Art Waves
Sunday , February 18th 2018



On February 18th 2018 at 7:00 pm, it was my pleasure to be interviewed by Bernadette Rule, host of the Mohawk College Radio Show, Art Waves, to talk about FASD and my children’s FASD picture book series Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

To listen to the interview, follow this link.

To listen to my previous interview, on March 13, 2016 follow this link.

Speaking about FASD on Hamilton’s Art Waves Radio Show
  • The creating of Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. THE SCHOOL DAY.
  • How the book characters relate to children with FASD.
  • The advantages of children with FASD having their own picture book.
  • Future plans for the book to be translated into multiple languages.
  • The upcoming release of book #2 in the series, titled FIDGET! (AMAZON)
  • My upcoming memoir sessions at Turner Park Library in Hamilton.
  • My reading a passage from my memoir Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, The Teen Years.
  • The availability of Hamilton FASD Caregivers Support Group.
  • Bill 191 Amendment to the Education Act regarding students with FASD (See details at
  • Support Services for children with disabilities at CONTACT HAMILTON.
Contact info:

CONTACT HAMILTON for Children’s and Developmental Services
Address: 140 King Street East, Suite 4, Hamilton, ON, L8N 1B2
Phone: 905-570-8888
Fax: 905-522-5998

Calling Via Bell Relay Service (TTY)

Contact Hamilton can be contacted via TTY by placing a Bell Relay call.

  • Step 1: Dial 711.
  • Step 2: Enter 905-570-8888
  • Step 3: Type GA.

The Bell Relay operator will dial the number for you, and will let you know as soon as you are connected (i.e. “Contact Hamilton is on the line, go ahead.”)

You can leave messages on answering machines or voicemail systems with the Bell Relay service. If you do this, please mention that you have called using the Relay service.

Both TTY service and interpretation services are available upon request. If you require either of these services, please call the phone number above and identify your need. We will be happy to help you.


A HUGE thank you to Bernadette Rule for having me return to Art Waves!
Barbara Studham’s bio:

For over twenty years, Barbara Studham has parented grandchildren diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her two memoirs: Two Decades of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, The Teen Years, describe her challenges during their toddler years and teens. She has also written fiction, including a six-book series titled, Under The Shanklin Sky, set in the seaside town of Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. She is currently creating a children’s FASD picture book series Strawberry & Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Now available is the first in the series titled The School Day. The second in the series titled FIDGET! is soon to be released.

Barbara Studham’s books are available from AMAZON.
Author blog:
FASD blog:
Amazon Author Page:



Parents Beware!

I never thought it would happen to me!

Despite the few months I babysat a six-month old child being raised by his grandparents, as a young mother, the thought of one day having to raise my own grandchildren, never entered my mind,  In Canada, a growing number of grandparents are now parenting and raising their grandchildren. So much so, that it is time government officials raised their heads out of the sand regarding the ability of grandparents to do so. Not all grandparents have the energy to raise their grandchildren and, if the child has a mental or physical infirmity, it can be nigh on impossible. Though it appears in the best interest of the child to be placed with family, growing up with grandparents is not necessarily the optimum option.

Let grandparents be grandparents!

Too often, children’s agencies take advantage of grandparents when at their most emotionally vulnerable—i.e. when they learn their grandchild is in need of a home. There is a growing need for available foster homes where the child can be nurtured by young caregivers who have energy and use contemporary parenting strategies. Despite the propaganda, not every child placed in foster care is subject to abuse. My personal experience with foster parents has been very positive. There are many compassionate foster parents in Canada willing to give children the care they need and deserve.

Parents Beware!

Two Decades Of Diapers

Two Decades Of Diapers

FAS: The Teen Years

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years

So, parents of today, for various reasons, you might one day be faced with the decision to raise a grandchild. Life has a way of presenting us with disquieting choices that can change our lives forever. And if you believe it could never happen to you, read my two memoirs, Two Decades Of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years, which describe my twenty years raising four grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Both are available in ebook format from your Amazon store, the following links, and many other ebook distributors.