Challenged Hope

Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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Read: My Story – How I Became A Grandmother Raising Mentally Disabled Grandchildren. Posted July 2012

These days it seems as if there are only two things important in young people’s lives: Smartphones and Internet Pornography. The first being utilized by young women constantly texting friends with he-said, she-said gossip; and the second being viewed by young men who, from early adolescence, have become addicted to sites displaying graphic sexual content. But, thankfully, just when boomers like me feel the need to throw our hands up in despair over what the world is coming to, along comes a young man named Oliver Clare who is the founder of Running For Reachout and is running 20 Marathons in 2012 to raise funds for the Inspire Foundation in Ireland which exists to bring mental health information to young people. After reading Oliver’s blog, I also realized that he is a restorer of faith in the world’s youth for seniors like me.
Oliver lives in Ireland and has a blog at which is well worth checking out by persons of any age, not just us seniors. In his blog, Oliver describes his mission, which is, to raise funds to support Ireland’s Inspire Foundation for mental health. In his detailed blog are maps of his marathons, and details of his runs, and also a way to sponsor his outreach.
As a grandmother raising mentally disabled grandchildren in Canada, you can imagine my joy when I stumble across blogs like Oliver’s which prove there are young people worldwide investing time in helping others, including the mentally disabled. Keep up the great work, Oliver!