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Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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My Memoir: Two Decades Of Diapers

My memoir: Two Decades of Diapers will be available soon in both Printed and ebook formats.

Two Decades of Diapers, describes the events responsible for my decision to parent my grandchildren, and the whirlwind of challenges and struggles we faced throughout those years. I decided to share my story in the hope of supporting all individuals with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, their caregivers, support workers, and advocates, and to educate the public on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

What is it about mental illness that makes people want to run? During my twenty years of single-handedly raising four grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the temptation to run was significant. In my book: Two Decades of Diapers, I offer an insight into the many reasons why. Despite my grandchildren’s strengths, their Fetal Alcohol Syndrome caused severe behavioral issues. Issues that eventually overwhelmed my parenting abilities resulting in a breakdown of the family unit I fought so hard to maintain. Two Decades of Diapers gives the reader a glimpse into my hopes, fears, dreams, challenges and celebrations while coping with my grandchildren’s mental illness.

Are you an individual with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or a caregiver/support worker to an individual with FAS? Are you a mental health worker, or simply curious about mental health? Are you considering raising or fostering a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? If so, then for these and many other reasons, Two Decades of Diapers is the book for you.

Offering an insight into the challenges of FAS, Two Decades of Diapers is a down-to earth, no holds barred reference to the struggles associated with mental illness. Read how I raised four Grandchildren with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; the crises we faced; the shattered dreams, and the strength and love we shared.

Coming soon! Please watch for details on how to buy!