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Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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FASD: Following Directions

Easily Distracted

FASD 2016

FASD 2016. Speak Up, and make this year the last year for FASD.


FASD: Following Directions. Individuals with FASD often have difficulty following directions as external stimuli cause distraction. While instructing my grandchildren, who struggle with FAS, in a particular task, I’ve lost count of the number of times they were distracted by a single sound or movement in the room. Getting them back on track meant starting all over again; only to be interrupted by a similar distraction.

FASD: Following Directions

To offset the distractions, it is important to provide as quiet an environment as possible then keep the instructions short and understandable. Showing the child what to do, as opposed to explaining the expectation, will produce a more positive result.

FASD: Following Directions

Having the child repeat the directions might help. Giving them plenty of time to fulfill the expectation is vital; as is, watching for undue stress, and reminding them of instructions along the way. Never set up a child with FASD to fail. Positive reinforcement of their attempts to succeed will encourage them to keep trying.

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