Challenged Hope

Grandmother raising Grandchildren with FASD in Hamilton Ontario Canada

Black & White Thinking

A short while ago, it was mentioned to me, by a professional who has years of experience working with mentally disabled children, that one of my granddaughters thinks in Black and White.

When I first heard the term, I didn’t realize that Black and White Thinking was an actual personality disorder but, according to various Internet websites, Black and White Thinking (sometimes called Splitting) is when a person sees things only in extremes – if something isn’t perfect then it must be terrible, if it doesn’t feel brilliant then it must be stupid, if someone isn’t fascinating then they are boring. There are no grey areas.

 I also discovered that Narcissistic Personality Disorder often goes hand in hand with Black and White Thinking and often exhibits through the following traits:

  • Believing you are superior to others
  • Craving power, success, and beauty
  • Being overly jealous, and convinced others are jealous of you
  • Coming across as single-minded, or unemotional
  • Expecting to be perfect in everything and setting unrealistic goals
  • Having fragile self-esteem and being easily hurt
  • Trouble forming or keeping relationships
  • Disregarding those you believe are inferior to you
  • Confused when others don’t always agree with your ideas or plans
  • Disregarding or failing to recognize others’ emotions
  • Craving constant admiration
  • Taking advantage of others
  • Exaggerating or lying about your achievements
  • Finding it almost impossible to be wrong
  • Believing you are special above others
  • Becoming angry when you don’t receive the attention you feel you deserve

Narcissistic personality disorder often exhibits the same features as someone who simply has a strong personality but is defined by the person’s need to be constantly on a pedestal far above anyone else or their feelings, whereas strong personalities are devoid of that character trait.

What do you think?

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